The Balmain army stands out for its daringly innovative spirit and loyalty to the historical legacy of the iconic fashion house Balmain. Inspired by the fascinating architectural shapes of one of the most-fashion forward cities in the 21st century, Creative Director Olivier Rousteing has made this collection of designer sandals for men a compendium of unique models. Balmain’s men’s sandals emanate the fascinating sensation of discovering Parisian boulevards on a peaceful afternoon. Designed for men who are not afraid to push the limits of fashion, these designer sandals are the result of exquisite craftsmanship, which carefully considers the details and quality of the products. These pairs of shoes are authentic works of art which celebrate the sensitivity and optimism of their creator, Rousteing. The product of a futuristic vision, the designs of these Balmain men’s sandals are an invitation to explore the future of fashion.

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